Stop making excuses for him. Press J to jump to the feed. I would say the majority of this is from the Packers, Ravens, and Browns games, especially the Packers game in which he definitely stat-padded. However, on offense you have to help your defense by running the ball, controlling the clock and moving the chains. So basically, if were going to criticize Cousins final stats for being misleading, we should also criticize the way in which his 2020 garbage-time numbers were calculated. Leonard Fournette caught 17 passes when the Jaguars trailed by 16-plus points back in 2019. The Texans lost eight games this season in which Deshaun Watson threw 25 or more passes and had a passer rating over 100. Sad. Establishing some sort of identity on offense would go a long way in accurately assessing Jalen Hurts. Its broad enough to include every situation in which the game is totally out of hand, the defense has started sitting back in prevent mode, and an opportunistic quarterback can begin fluffing his stats with short passes. Sorted by QB rating, those differentials look like this: Kirk is 11th; note that for all of his supposed prowess, Andrew Luck was the true king of garbage time with a +33 rating (to go with 23.1% of his TDs, among other things - which was honestly one of my complaints about him when he playedhe was as much a stat padder as anyone!). Judged by passer rating alone, Cousins has demonstrated an ability to operate as a top-10 quarterback in the NFL, and last year was no different. All - current. Chark In Free Agency. I think highly of Watson, but its worth noting that with defenses watered-down and Arena Football-style games becoming the norm, those stats simply dont mean what they used to. Pro Football Network strives to passionately deliver purposeful, captivating, and exceptional football content. Unfortunately for Watson, the Texans are in bad salary cap shape and dont have a first-round pick or a second-round pick next season. Easy to lead stats for garbage time when the Cardinals have 6 games where the margin of defeat was 2-3 possessions or more lol. Do you use your pending cap space and draft picks to build around Jalen Hurts? The following production comes when the players team is. 1. We see that here, as we do not need to remove plays where a team is up 14-plus in the second or third quarter, or plays where a team is up 21-plus in the first half. When their opponents are taking them seriously and putting in the effort to pressure Siemian and challenge his receivers, Sean Payton hasnt had an answer for them. This will allow quite a few garbage time fantasy points through the air. Thats a broad definition that includes some still-competitive situations, like when a team is trailing 26-10 early in the third quarter. That means that 22.5% of his career pass attempts occurred when his Jacksonville Jaguars were getting blown out. Cousins was horrible during the Vikings first six games of last season, theres no arguing against that. With an injury to top corner Darius Slay and a comfortable lead, the Eagles took their foot off the gas pedal and let the Saints cut into that deficit. Of course they arent, but isnt the play-calling influenced by the scoreboard? Absolutely, but not nearly to an extent that warrants any level of concern compared to his non-garbage-time scenarios. 3. Its important to note that, for the sake of this piece, I define garbage time as whenever the Vikings face a three-possession deficit at any point in the second half of a game. I havent watched enough Texans games this year to say one way or the other what Watsons season has been like, but I remember everyone thought Blake Bortles was on the cusp of being elite when he gained massive garbage-time stats early in his career with the Jags. You might suspect that Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins is one of the kings of garbage-time production. Its hard to define, but we all know it when we see it. A PFT post the other day noted Bridgewaters 92 quarterback rating was something like 22nd in the league, when not too long ago 75 was considered average. Standard Player Stats. I bet he would have taken it. What you see here is each teams pass rate splits based on the score. The only surprise here is that Aaron Jones averaged just 3.7 yards per attempt. ZodiacKiller1968 1 yr. ago. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In summation, its much too early to come to a definitive conclusion about Hurts with just 10 NFL starts under his belt. Thats nearly double the league-wide 38 percent rate for teams ahead by four-to-six points in the fourth quarter. Interpreted as: NHL average time on ice with a minimum of 51.25 games played per 82 team games leaders 2022. The running game is virtually non-existent, with the second-year QB being their leading rusher through six weeks. OBrien ruined that team for the next 2-3 years minimum. At a glance, the data does support the garbage time narrative. Those numbers (sorted by percentage of attempts) are below. The Minnesota Vikings QB completed 73.8% of his passes for a league-high 7 touchdowns when trailing by 16-plus points last year. With Kenny Golladay hurt much of the season, Staffords options at wide receiver besides Jones included Danny Amendola, Quintez Cephus, and Mohamed Sanu. If there is visual progress, the Eagles will be encouraged to build around him. When the Cardinals beat the Cowboys, 38-10, for example, Drake rushed 8 times in the fourth quarter. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important. Lock completed just 55.7% of his passes for 5.2 yards per attempt in situations where opposing defenses generally ease off the throttle and allow some easy completions over the middle. All three teams went into soft prevent coverage in the final period, allowing the Saints to put up 53 of their 75 points in that quarter. Never the QBs fault even though the vasy majority of the stats are picked up against prevent defenses. Was loosing every week and throwing for yards in garbage time but hes a super star.yeah rightaverage qb from what Ive seen. My favorite comment comes towards the end of a reply from @omnicomin. When games are within one score, Hurts seems to be inaccurate and indecisive with the ball. There will probably never be consensus on the answer, so I went with the following (in part because it made data mining relatively easy, without having to go through individual play-by-play game logs for dozens of QBs): I called garbage time any time one's team was ahead or behind by 17+ points in the 3rd quarter, and/or ahead or behind by 14+ points in the 4th. That explains why Henry doesnt top this list the Titans let his backup share the load when the game was in hand. See NFL player statistics across every major statistical category. Teams ahead by 14 points pass only one-quarter of the time in the fourth quarter. . Team Gms Plays Rush Rush% Pass Pass% Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay: 17: 1159: 386: 33.3: 773: 66.7: Los Angeles Chargers LA . the Vikings/Packers tie in Lambeau). Now Watt wants out. The Green Bay Packers took a 41-10 lead over the Bears late in the third quarter in Week 12, but Robinson caught 4 fourth-quarter passes and scored a touchdown in what became a 41-25 final. Watson is probably due for more beatings unless he can force a trade. The Blitz says: Only four quarterbacks in NFL history have finished a season with more than 4,500 passing yards, more than 30 touchdowns, fewer than 10 interceptions and an average of more than 8.5 yards per pass. Minshew also attempted 78 garbage-time passes as a rookie in 2019. In a not-so-shocking development, youll notice that the ratings correlate well with the overall NFL standings. My guess is that Drake is about to embark on a Carlos Hyde-like career as a moderately-priced veteran running back for hire. If Hurts underwhelms, expect the team to be in the mix for a new quarterback next season. Luck, Eli), nor did I do anything about teams changing offensive schemes or anything**. Teams up by one-to-three percent pass only half the time. When you compile all of Kirk's production in garbage time from 2020, his numbers are: 55/78 (70.5 completion%) 704 passing yards 7 touchdowns 0 interceptions 128.36 passer rating Two followers took on the challenge of quantifying the garbage time phenomenon. Thats especially true because theres not that much Ben DiNucci in the data. .Houston desperately needs to start spending on defense. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Thats actually a high pass rate when you consider play-calling with larger leads. Preseason . Trust me, as a fantasy owner those were mostly garbage time stats. And Deshaun Watson in 2020, when the Texans went 4-12. Everytime Derrick Henry played this team, you could expect him to have a big day. We can leave that data be. Teams that play . Get the latest fantasy news, stats, and injury updates for New Orleans Saints RB Josh Adams from CBS Sports It's the NFL. Coopers catch total should not be too surprising. Just look at their losses to the New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons, and Tennessee Titans (who just got whacked by the lowly Houston Texans this week) earlier this season. It is almost a guarantee Watson gets shipped out by McDaniels and Caserio so they can bring in their guy. Now that the real complicated stuff is out of the way, I wanted to share a few more interesting charts. 31 . The other name that really caught my eye is supposed-stat-padder-extraordinaire Matthew Stafford, whose QB rating is -16.5 in garbage timelikewise, Patrick Mahomes is at -15.6, though it should be noted that he was not forced to throw a single pass in the 3rd quarter when down by 17+ over three seasons. That would be the highest rate by any QB in a season in NFL history. In these garbage-time situations, Cousins tossed an NFL-high, seven touchdown passes and he completed 73.8 percent of his attempts. So basically a three possession game at any time in Q3 or a two possession game at any time in Q4*. Atlanta). Jalen Hurts has accounted for 40% of Eagles rush attempts (53 of 132). The final score made this game look closer than it was the New. You also know that garbage time can inflate the stats of some players or. Stats That Matter: Diontae Johnson and the NFLs dropped pass leaders. That doesnt bode well for their upcoming game with the Buffalo Bills. Down by 14 or more points after the first quarter Teams who fall behind by 14 points in the first quarter likely dont manage that feat until late in the quarter. That makes two Vikings being up so high the most impressive part of this. Well, now the Vikings quarterback is being referred to as the Emperor of garbage time.. Copyright 2019-2023. Its broad enough to include every situation in which the game is totally out of hand, the defense has started sitting back in prevent mode, and an opportunistic quarterback can begin fluffing his stats with short passes. Thats a broad definition that includes some still-competitive situations, like when a team is trailing 26-10 early in the third quarter. Who was NFL MVP in 2021? NFL . This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. Meanwhile, their opponent (well say Houston), is also going to be impacted by this game situation. Those numbers were lower than his 66.1% completion rate and 6.9 yards per attempt for the whole season. However, 44 percent of Cousins second-half touchdown passes (11) came when Minnesota was either trailing or leading by eight points or less. For more information, please see our Bill OBrien destroyed this roster with his completely inept GM work. Theres been a narrative about Cousins for a while now that he pads his stats during the garbage time portion of games. Its going to be hard for Houston to get better. So why didnt they pull him out of the game? 2023 DN Live Draft: Date / Time / Platform. Despite Cousins passer rating of 68.6 and his 1-3 record as a starter during Shanahans stint as Washingtons offensive coordinator from 2011 to 2013, the San Francisco head coach continues to shower his former quarterback with praise any chance he gets. I was looking quick at their cap numbers , maybe the reason they have such a good offense and a bad defense is because that where they spend their money. This approach gave me 42 QBs; for context, Josh Rosen was the last one to make the cut; Jacoby Brissett was the first one not to - so basically, any marginal (or better) starter over the past three seasons was included. One of the main talking points centered around Hurts has been when he generates most of his yardage. Kyle Shanahan on Kirk Cousins and his preferred style of QB if he could draw it up. Below is a table of the times the Vikings found themselves in garbage time last season and what Cousins production from that point on looked like. RT @jameis1of1: This is a DAMNING metric 4 #Saints DENNIS ALLEN ANDY DALTON accumulated 70.6% of his season Total EPA in "GARBAGE TIME." Dalton's 2022 stats were literally JOKE stats JAMEIS WINSTON was #2 in the entire NFL in EPA in 2021 w/ next to no garbage time accumulation . You love it when your team is winning, hate it when the team is losing, and change the channel when you have no rooting or wagering interest in the blowout. Ive watched this play from every angle multiple times and I just dont understand. I am sure no one thinks one of the greatest receivers of all time is just a garbage time producer. Interesting concept! Our exclusive database, featuring the most in-depth collection of NFL player performance data. Empty calories like those will keep Mullens in the NFL as a dependable veteran backup for a long time. Playoffs . Lololol r/falcons on suicide watch. during Kirk's time in Minnesota. As soon as I find Locks, Ill be sure to share it. Well known for his social media presence and unique takes on the landscape of Philadelphia sports, Victor takes pride in engaging with the fanbase in ways not too often seen from today's sports personalities. Watson averaged 4,000 yards passing and 26 tds the prior couple of seasons when the Texans made the playoffs.In your *expert* opinion what was the reason an average QB put up probowl numbers and lead his team to the playoffs the prior 2 seasons? If some team trades for Minshew once the Jaguars lock into drafting Clemsons, For running backs, we need to do things differently. After all, there are some very good, and very successful, QBs that have similar garbage time numbers to him, so I don't think one can clearly tie team success (or lack thereof) to meaningless QB volume stats. The Eagles went into 2021 with the mindset that they need to make one of two decisions moving forward: Hurts has made his fair share of poor decisions and questionable throws early on, but the on-field production is there. Aaron Rodgers in 2011, when the Packers went 15-1. How much of that was end of game bush yards? But if nothing else, this three-game losing skid has to put a dampener on the expectations for this season. November wasnt kind to the Saints. The Bears should really consider a trade for Watson. These are fairly self-explanatory so I wont go into much detail. They completely ignored that side of the field. Could there be factors other than the fear of an impending loss that enter into the equation? Staffords Los Angeles Rams wont get blown out nearly as often as the Detroit Lions did last year. Teams down by one-to-three points throw 69 percent of the time.

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